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maandag 11 januari 2016

15 Original Italian Experiences

For the English speaking comunity I have prepared a collection of 15 short impressions of (our) life in Italy. Very short stories about authentic experiences in Italy, in and around the Oltrepò Pavese wine region, 50 km south of Milan. Stories about authentic, traditional food, a cooking class experience, wine tasting, the grape harvest, visiting a historical monastery, etc.


The Oltrepo Pavese is the largest wine producing area of Lombardy in the North of Italy, but is also virtually unknown abroad. This is a pity as the landscape is beautiful, the people are kind, the food is authentic and there are lots of possibilities for walking, hiking, cycling and sight-seeing. The smooth hills are covered with vineyards, castles and medieval villages and this landscape reminds one of Tuscany. Pace of life is slow, food is traditional and wine can be tasted anywhere, in one of the over 100 independent cantines.

The short sketches presented here give you a first impression on life in this unspoiled region of Italy.

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